FA-STAND, a complete modular system for the creation of exhibition and conference stands, capable of combining design, light weight, and practicality, was born from the experience of G Group USA.
The goal is to become the reference player for the exhibition and congress sector of the entire American market over time.

This is why G Group USA has created the prototype of the product FA-STAND on site, taking care of its design down to the smallest detail in its search for the lightest materials, practicality, functionality, and visual impact.

It includes various solutions for the creation of partition walls and easy-to-install load-bearing structures. Ideal for small and large stands, trade fair stands, exhibitions, museums, and shop and pop-up store furnishings.

As can be seen here, the system lends itself to using different materials (wood or aluminum) and, if necessary, allows you to use fabric paneling suitable for accommodating customized graphics according to the end customer’s requests.

When FA-STAND is rented directly by the end customer, it ensures a considerable cost reduction due to the light weight of its materials and at the same time guarantees systematized transport logistics designed specifically by our staff.

The features that characterize

  1. Visual Design
  2. Versatility
  3. High Performance
  4. Low Stand Preparation Costs
  5. Assembly Time
  6. Ease of Execution
  7. Ease of Transport
  8. Light Weight