About Us

G Group USA combines Italian talent and innovation with the country’s traditional “know-how” giving shape and substance to fine Made-in-Italy products.
With many years of experience altogether in the field of comprehensive event management, production and design services, we create unforgettable experiences.

Our Principles

G Group USA provides all-inclusive manufacturing services. The company offers you the option to make use of a single point of contact capable of supplying internal resources for any audio, video, or lighting needs, or requests involving installations and artists, thus relieving you of the need to engage with multiple operators, with considerable savings in terms of time and greatly streamlining your communications and business operations.

Innovation & Tradition

Always the key to success for a new, fascinating “way of doing events” so that the emotions you experience do not become just another old memory.

We Build Creative Design Solutions

From the digital to the physical, from designing an exhibition stand to creating a department store shop-in-shop or a popup store. We blend our creativity and experience with winning strategies and innovative technologies.